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Better to live near Trader Joe’s than Whole Foods

Many people are aware of the Whole Foods Effect. That is, wherever Whole Foods break ground for a new store, surrounding property values soar. Whole Foods has a reputation for prescient identification of neighborhoods that are undergoing rapid upswings (also called gentrification). Their selection process is the envy of the retail industry.

Ironically, a late-2015 RealtyTrac survey found that, after sorting through 1.7 million homes in 188 zip codes, homes that shared a zip code with Trader Joe’s increased more than Whole Foods. Homes in Trader Joe’s zip codes increased 40% versus only 34% for Whole Foods zip codes. Additionally, on a nationwide basis, the average price of a Trader Joe’s zip code was $529k versus $529 for Whole Foods.

Either way, healthy eating equates to healthy home values.

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