Student Loan, bad education!

Joe Biden is once again being led around like a child after shiny objects (votes). Students/children are learning a very bad lesson here, you can borrow money and someone else will pay it for you. The exact opposite of what we should be teaching our kids which is, “don’t buy luxuries on credit, and understand …

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Bills are too Big

Why does every bill brought up in Congress have to be thousands of pages? Obviously, it is easy to hide lots of unnecessary or unwanted spending and regulation on the pages. Another obvious issue, why does one side have to win or appear to win? A better way; have small specific bills where everyone could …

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Don’t be Fooled

You probably have seen ads on television from an Investment advisor claiming they have their fees set-up so they make more money when their clients make more money. You will find 90% of Registered Investment Advisors (like Nich Capital Partners) get paid based on assets under management (AUM). When a client’s portfolio increases in value …

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