Equity Portfolio

Our equity investment strategies are based on buying strength and selling weakness. We use rule-based models that we have developed to analyze market data, and multiple asset classes to determine what to buy, when to buy, what to sell and when to sell. The approach we take does not require us to predict market direction or what event(s) are bullish or bearish for the market. Our approach is one that uses technical and fundamental analysis to objectively interpret the probability of risk versus reward for our client’s assets.

At NICH Capital Partners, LLC we believe that risk management is every bit as important as investment selection. In addition to fundamental and technical analysis we seek to reduce risk by diversifying equity portfolios among a maximum of 10 to 20 individual stocks, taking care to limit concentration in any one sector or industry. Because our goal is to maximize an absolute return strategy, we will use liquid assets in times when the markets are extremely volatile or our research determines that the rewards to risk ratio is not in our favor.

At NICH Capital Partners, LLC we utilize clearly defined sell criteria to realize profits and protect against significant losses. While we are longer-term investors we believe a disciplined sell criteria are a critical component of successful portfolio management. We will sell any position where there is a significant, negative change in the company’s outlook, or the overall markets turn negative and the downside risk is greater than potential growth.