We are in the business of building and protecting our client’s wealth.

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Our Mission

At NCP we are focused on growing and protecting your hard earned money. We do this by managing your assets in the same way we manage our own money, paying attention to the macro moves in the markets. Our goal is to be invested wisely during the major moves in both Global and Domestic markets.

Our Philosophy

To summarize our Investment Philosophy we would say this; we buy strength, sell weakness, and stay in tune with the market trend. The approach we take does not require us to predict the market’s direction. Our approach is one that uses technical and fundamental analysis to objectively interpret the probability of risk versus reward for our client’s.

Our Promise

The vision of NCP is to maintain a close relationship with our clients, paying attention and being available to assist with all financial guidance and support. We strive to provide unbiased recommendations in all areas of financial services by leveraging over 30 years of industry experience and long-term professional relationships.

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NICH Capital is an investment management firm that builds customized portfolios using individual stocks and bonds based on each client’s real life needs and risk tolerances. Our portfolio management services are fee-based only, we do not sell or invest in any commission generating products.
NICH Capital manages approximately $140 million on behalf of 85 clients…

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We are well-experienced business professionals with younger minds.

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