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Hilary versus Donald’s Tax Proposals

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With the Democrat and Republican frontrunners becoming more defined, it is important to start evaluating the two lead candidates’ tax proposals.      Hillary Clinton wants to raise both the capital gains tax and the dividend tax from 20% to 24%.   Donald Trump wants to leave the current ceilings of 20%.   On estate taxes, Hillary Clinton wants to lower the $5.45 million exclusion to $3.5 million and also raise the maximum estate tax rate from 40% to 45%. Mr. Trump wants to eliminate the estate tax- not an easy task in an income...

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EB-5 Visa Program and The Price of Beer

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The San Francisco Giants are second only to the Boston Red Sox in the price of beer at a ballgame. We accept this as a compromise for living in a highly desirable area of the country. But what would happen if Bill Gates decided to purchase a small-market team like the Pittsburgh Pirates? And what if Bill decided to employ his great resources to lavishly bid for players and reward the Pirate fans? This much wealth suddenly flowing into Pittsburgh would spread inflation to every corner of baseball as owners struggled to keep pace with...

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Better to live near Trader Joe’s than Whole Foods

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Many people are aware of the Whole Foods Effect. That is, wherever Whole Foods break ground for a new store, surrounding property values soar. Whole Foods has a reputation for prescient identification of neighborhoods that are undergoing rapid upswings (also called gentrification). Their selection process is the envy of the retail industry. Ironically, a late-2015 RealtyTrac survey found that, after sorting through 1.7 million homes in 188 zip codes, homes that shared a zip code with Trader Joe’s increased more than Whole Foods. Homes...

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Bye Bye $100 Bills

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Former President Obama economic adviser, Lawrence Summers, had come out advocating for the end of the $100 bill and the €500. A million dollars, denominated in €500 weighs 2.2 pounds versus 50 pounds if denominated in $20 bills. Summers argues that the two bills are the currency of choice for illicit activity. However, some people have speculated that if the Federal Reserve ever wants to move toward negative interest rates, banning the $100 bill will make it more difficult for people to hide money at home.

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Greener Pastures with Global Warming

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Good news on the global warming front. A recent study at Indiana University shows CO2 is the likely driver of global dryland greening, according to a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports. After analyzing 45 studies from eight countries, a Ph.D. student concluded the greening likely stems from the impact of rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide on plant water saving and consequently increases in available soil water…

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