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Investment Philosophy

At NICH Capital Partners, Inc. Our philosophy is based on an absolute return strategy where building and protecting wealth is done by generating steady returns, and avoiding large losses in both up and down markets. We believe that a dynamic asset allocation approach will better serve our clients in both cyclical and secular market conditions.

Our investment management strategy is based on a dynamic approach that utilizes strict risk management rules and tools along with discipline to meet our client’s goals and expectations. We are not interested in predicting where the market is going, but rather interpret whether the reward to risk ratio is in our favor.

Investment strategy

NICH Capital Partners, Inc. Will also consider tax efficiency if this is important to your current situation. Our intent is to make long term investments when the market trend is strong and the downside risk can be reduced with diversification and risk management rules and tools.

At NICH Capital Partners, Inc. We will build you a portfolio that has the highest probability to reach your individual goals all while considering your risk tolerance and comfort level. Whether you have long-term capital appreciation goals, current income requirements, or a combination of the two, we will construct a portfolio designed specifically for your needs.